On-The-Go Crisis Management

ALERTPOINT® Security is an all-in one solution that enables a higher and secure level
of emergency management, on any device, and anywhere.


Our system provides continuous, precise location data and signal quality, even if your network is offline.


Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Our hardware is engineered to the most demanding standards.


History has taught us that mere seconds can lose or save a life during a crisis. Our integrated system relays data in real time.


Our enterprise-level emergency management solutions are designed to custom fit your exact needs to cover all bases.

The ALERTPOINT® Security System

A system of interconnected notification and location devices that monitor the security in the building twenty-four hours a day and through multiple signal paths provide clear visibility to incident areas and personnel.

Our system is comprised of both our proprietary hardware, including wearable panic alert badges, communication hubs and gateways, combined with our ALERTVIEW™ software. All parties are kept on the same page, in real time, for when the unthinkable becomes a reality.

Huge Peace Of Mind In Our Small, Wearable Alert Badge & Watch

With the press of the wearable duress button which activates the panic alert, create instant awareness, automatically run emergency protocols, and identify the location of your personnel with the best-in-the-market discreet solution introduced by ALERTPOINT® Security. Everybody hooked into the ALERTPOINT® Security system is now alerted, as needed.

Manage Your Crisis In Clear View

ALERTPOINT® Security Enables software enables all responsible parties to communicate and secure your facility given any emergency that occurs. You can quickly manage and monitor an emergency event as it's unfolding with our unmatched panic software.

Guaranteed Pinpoint Accuracy

ALERTPOINT® Security features industry-leading location detection software, which also includes tailor-designed 3D floor plans of your property. You can instantly identify and locate panic alerts when they occur with real-time, providing a clear picture of the situation with precise incident information.

Automated Protocols & Procedures

Put designated protocols and procedures automatically in motion with ALERTPOINT® Security enterprise panic software. Create custom alerts, integrate pre-recorded messages and announcements, designate notification groups, and more. This is a system truly for your unique needs.


ALERTVIEW™ is our proprietary ALERTPOINT® Security Software 3D visualization and locating feature which notifies, visualizes, and opens communication channels once an ALERTBADGE™ or ALERTWATCH™ triggers a signal. Within our independent intranet, it cannot be hacked by outsiders and operates even when your internet is down.

Since each facility is unique, such as hospital emergency management needs differ from university campus needs, our team works with your security staff to custom tailor ALERTVIEW™ to your facility and personnel. This is a gratis, included service regardless of your facility size and staff quantity.

ALERTVIEW™ also works on our mobile app, which is especially practical for student parents and guardians, facilities that have staff in varying geographic areas, or companies in which a company issued phone or tablet is the primary means of communication.

3D floor plans

ALERTVIEW™ stands out with its tailor-designed 3D floor plans of your property, that we develop with your team. Every area inside the building and even outdoors is mapped.

Manage Your Crisis In Clear View

See exactly what is happening as an emergency begins, develops, and give your security personnel and first responders the clearest insight into how to resolve the situation.

All Desktop & Mobile Platforms

ALERTPOINT® Security software supports all major platforms, and even those less common. On desktop, it runs on Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux, and on mobile both Android and iOS.


Whereas our ecosystem of panic alerting, crisis monitoring and emergency management are comprehensive, many institutions that use our hubs, wearable devices, software, and app have already adopted the early stages of alerting.

Let’s not put that to waste.

ALERTPOINT® Security’s software and hardware suite is engineered to easily integrate with and incorporate previously installed PA and intercom systems. This leverages existing infrastructure to, not only reduce costs but to ensure your facility has end-to-end coverage of any time an alert needs to be sent.

Even when there are non-emergency situations, ALERTPOINT® Security hubs work as an extension of your PA system. On the other end, your existing PA speakers are easily integrated into our intercom system, so when alerts are activated your existing infrastructure is in alignment with the ALERTPOINT® Security ecosystem.